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River and Rain
Summary: Pippin dislikes being wet.
Rating: G

November 16, 2003 )
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The Blue Book
Summary: While in Minas Tirith after the war, Frodo and his companions come to realize that hobbits have to settle the events that happened during the War of the Ring into their own words.
Rating: PG

May 31, 2003 )
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Since Spring
Summary: A quiet moment in Rivendell.
Rating: G

September 17, 2003 )
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The Prodigal Took
Summary: Pippin rides to Tuckborough to raise a small army of Tooks for the Battle of Bywater.
Rating: PG for adult themes
Notes: Inspired from a passage in Return of the King: Pippin rode off with half a dozen lads on ponies. 'See you soon!" he cried. 'It's only fourteen miles or so over the fields. I'll bring you back an army of Tooks in the morning.' A MEFA award nominee.

July 16, 2003 )
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The Battle of Bywater
Summary: "There are some things that are not mine to do, Sam," said Frodo.
Rating: PG for violence
Note: "The Battle of Bywater" was Runner-up for the Mithril Voters' Choice Award in the catagory Best Drama / Action Adventure. It also was a Mithril Award Finalist.

March 31, 2004 )
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The Horn-Cry of Buckland
Summary: While preparing for the yearly fire and feast, Merry confronts a grief he didn't know he had.
Rating: Gen, PG for adult themes
Notes: A MEFA 2005 Nominee

May 28, 2003 )
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Cheery Letters from Bree

Summary: While staying at The Prancing Pony, Merry considers writing a letter to his parents.
Notes: Inspired by the 'Letters Home' idea from the list at Henneth Annun. A MEFA 2005 Nominee.
Rating: Gen, G

June 9, 2003 )


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